LEVI_1494 Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Farmer in Trinidad de Cuba Farmer in Trinidad de Cuba, Cuba.
LEVI_BOTSW2010_2556-1 Chobe National Park, Botswana.
home_LEV2203 4 year old Esraa proudly shows herself one day after cleft palate surgery. Aswan, Egypt 2013.
Smile Train cleft lip and palate surgery mission in Myitkyina, Myanmar. Young patients wait for cleft lip surgery at the Myitkyina General Hospital, Myanmar, 2014.
LEVI_BSHM2010_4376 Bushmenland, Namibia.
LEVI_NEPAL2010_8387 Nepal, Kanchanjanga Reserve.
LEVI_NEPAL2010_8768 Sangeeta Tamang with her sister Tabita, one day after successful cataract surgery in Sinwa, Nepal.
Home_Osawa_Owiti_in_School 6 year old Osawa Owiti at school with his classmates few days before his cleft surgery provided by the NGO Smile Train.
Home_Nepal_Farmer_Girl_on_Stone Farmer girl. Village near Sinwa, Nepal
Smile_Train_Myanmar_41439 Six year-old Yin Nyein Aye after completed cleft lip surgery. Myitkyina, Myanmar, 2014.
Photo by Stefano Levi. Himba child plays under a blanket. Namibia.
Nepal Encounters 008
italian_food-BORGOALVERIA_LEVI-3099 Italian Chef David de Gaetano. Sicily, Italy.
namibia-0063 Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia.
Island_Elba_SL8851 Dolphin spotted in the Mediterranean Sea in the waters between Island Elba and Corsica.
Oryx in the Namib An oryx in the Namib Desert at sunset, Namibia.
Zebra herd drinking at Etosha
School in Bunda Children take shelter from tropical rain. Tanzania, 2014.
Storytelling An elderly Bushman tells stories of hunting and animals to children around a fire. Namibia, 2011.
SAN KIDS PLAY WITH BOW AND ARROW Kalahari Bushmen children play with bow and arrow imitating the hunting ways of their fathers.
Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar
Project African elephant in Chobe National Park, Botswana.
LEVI_SVETL2011_8347 People photography.
fashion-editorial_0004 Fashion & Glamour Photography