Photography Workshops


Photo Safaris in Africa

Have you ever wondered how National Geographic photographers or BBC Film crews get the kind of images you see in television or on top magazines? Well they obviously are very good, they take a lot of time and they use the same safari partners I use. Knowing how incredibly frustrating it is for photographers to join a regular tour, in cooperation with the best safari companies I have developed a workshop-concept that adapts the journey to the very special need of photographers. My Photo-Safaris are designed to accommodate small groups (usually a maximum of 12 people) and our aim is to bring home professional photo material and at the same time have a great fun experience. Each car can accommodate up to 6 photographers. All activities are planned in order to ensure the best possible lighting conditions. Good mood, fun, images and adventure are the keywords for all our safaris. All accommodations are organized medium-high end lodges or in comfortable en-suite tented safari camps. You will be able to experience true wilderness and the classic safari feeling. The very intensive experience with Nature both in Namibia and Botswana will remain an indelible memory for the rest of your life!

Visual Storytelling Tuition and Individual Coaching

I offer tuition to individuals and small groups. There is a variety of possibilities and I love to create the workshop around the need of the photographers.

The workshops I organize are practical and are meant to be fun. I prefer the approach “learning by doing” as this is the way I have learned my job. I’ve decided to create this small activity in Hamburg to promote the classical approach to photography that I love. My seminars are about mastering a craft in all of its aspects from Analog to Digital, and about using our brains and skills in order to create something.

Manual Black & White Photography is for me like choosing to find your way by reading an old road map rather than using a navigation system that tells you what you should do. The electronic and digital era have rendered us lazy-thinkers. I love the idea of taking a breath, and experience one more time what photographers have experienced in the 60s and 70s before film photography will be gone forever. The reward of holding my own crafted BW print after having gone through all the steps of the creation and development process is something with an intrinsic value, not comparable to a digital snapshot taken in program mode.

Besides BW analog photography I organize a whole series of activities for digital photographers ranging from shooting portraits or fashion with a professional model to high-end photographic safaris in Africa and around the world.