Portrait & Lighting Photography Workshop

Description: This is an intensive 2-day program focusing on portrait photography, natural and studio lighting and digital processing of images with Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop.

Workshop location: Hamburg, HH
Next Workshop dates: Please contact us for details. The workshop can be booked individually.
Workshop duration: 2 days starting from 10:00 am until 6 pm
Workshop cost: TBD
Group size: Minimum 6 – maximum 10 participants
Tuition languages: German and/or English depending on group necessity
Workshop leader: Stefano Levi

Workshop benefits

– You will shoot with a professional model and with other group members and receive input and constructive feedback about your photography.
– You will learn how to set lights in a studio and how to expose correctly with your digital or analog camera.
– You will learn the basics of classical portrait photography in studio and with available light.
– You will get tips and tricks how to bring your photography to the next level.
– You will learn how to treat your digital negatives with professional editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop CC

Needed Equipment

– Your own Digital SRL with lenses (or Analog SRL if you prefer). We will normally use focal lengths between 35 mm and 105 mm Focal length
Nice to have but not imperative:
– Speedlight flashes and tripod in case you have them
– If you need a camera, this can be rented through us.
– Your laptop with your editing program. Ideally Adobe Lightroom 5

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