Analog Black & White Photography Workshop

INTENSIVE 2-DAYS WORKSHOP USING 35MM FILM CAMERAS AND DARK ROOM // Photographing like the old masters, developing and enlarging negatives in the darkroom, seeing how to combine analog film with modern digital techniques. Most importantly: how to expose correctly without relying on automatic functions.

Duration: 2 Days (Day 1 from 10am to 10pm and Day 2 from 10am to 4pm)
Location: HAMBURG, HH
Number of Participants: Min 6 – Max 10
Workshop Leader: Stefano Levi

Cost: Please contact us for details

– Tuition and coaching in English
– 35mm Film roll
– Costs for film development, darkroom technician and print material for your own selected 24×30 cm print.
– Wrap up on last day, Q&A session after the practical part.

In case you don’t have your own 35mm film SRL camera, you will be able to rent one from us for the duration of the workshop.

Does not include:
– Meals and drinks for the duration of the workshop

Tuition languages: English and / or German depending on the participants

Workshops dates: Please get in touch for detailed information. This workshop can also be organized as a private booking.


This workshop is a strong and necessary grounds for all digital photographers who would like to take this craft seriously. It is also meant to be an experience for those who have never developed images themselves,

The Workshop will enable participants to understand the basics of black and white photography using classical 35mm film cameras. This is a practical workshop designed for a limited number of people and has the goal of teaching how to gain control over light and be able to photograph manually without relying on camera programs.  Professional photographer Stefano Levi will lead you through all the steps of creating Black and White prints from 35mm negatives. After the theory, we will set off for a day in Hamburg to apply the teachings of great photographers like Ansel Adams. We will be working in different light situations.

In the evening of the first day, we will develop the films, make contact prints and select the image that each participant will enlarge in the dark room. On the second day, we will spend time in the darkroom, and each participant will have the chance of making his own Black and White print using professional darkroom equipment.

The last part of the second day will be used for wrapping-up all we have experienced and will be open for any kind of questions.

Register using the contact form below. We will get in touch with you and provide you with further details.