In Search of Meaningfulness

“My journey began when I started noticing how in our society the individual actions of few people, could accomplish a great extent of positive change. On the other hand, I also saw that another great portion of society was completely detached or felt very far away from being part of those changes. I also saw stories as a link between the two and a possibility to create a bridge between people who believe they can’t help and people who do. This is the main reason the majority of my clients currently are NGOs or socially responsible firms.

My passion is seeing how my personal contribution can make the world a better place. I’ve always been attracted to stories since I was a small child and loved photography. In 2008 I transitioned from a secure job in the corporate world into the vast ocean of freelancing and became the visual storyteller I am today. I am a passionate photographer and filmmaker and have told stories in different roles. As a journalist, a photographer, a film director, and producer I helped  NGOs and firms to communicate their identity, to strengthen their brands and to create a greater impact. While I currently still work as a photographer and a filmmaker I am now engaged in a bigger vision, with the intention of creating an even more significant impact. I am the founder of Charicomm. Authentic Impact: A company dedicated to helping charities and humanitarians make a bigger impact in the world.” – Stefano Levi


Stefano Levi, Ph.D. is a world citizen who speaks four languages, has traveled to over forty countries and lived in Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany. He obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and worked as a scientist and business development manager in the corporate world before diverting his full attention to visual storytelling.

Stefano’s clients benefit from a unique set of skills that combines an academic, technical background, marketing & social media experience, the understanding of processes and procedures in the corporate world and a creative talent for telling human stories. Stefano’s multimedia storytelling is capable of effectively building brand authority and credibility. His clean and emotional visual style is appreciated internationally and is capable of humanizing causes and brands, creating an intense connection with target audiences.

Stefano has supported PR and advertisement campaigns for multinational enterprises as well as renowned nonprofit organizations. Stefano currently works as a documentary / commercial photographer and film producer on worldwide projects, to support corporate firms and NGOs in their storytelling and their fundraising campaigns.

As co-owner and managing director at Human Touch Pictures, an independent film production company, Stefano has directed and produced an award-winning documentary for cinema: Out of the Darkness. The creative documentary was released in German theaters in 2012, after participating in over 26 international film festivals. It was awarded 14 international prizes and served as a tool for several nonprofit organizations to create awareness about the cause of avoidable blindness in developing countries.

In 2016 Stefano founded Charicomm. Authentic Impact, a company solely dedicated to helping charities create a bigger impact in the world.

On request, Stefano leads small and exclusive Photography Workshops in the heart of Africa as a photography coach, guiding other photographers to one of the most beautiful regions on Earth: A lifetime experience.